Spain’s secret conflict

This is my very first english-written post.. and well.. it won’t take too much words.. but I found some foreign visitors to my blog that thought I was writing in spanish and suddenly found that it was written in a weird spanish-french-like language.. so this is catalan language! I’ve seen a documentary that a friend of mine posted in his facebook wall and so decided to post it here just for you to know a little bit more of my country, my language, and its situation in Spain and Europe.

This documentary is mainly about the catalan independence issue.. I’m not a hard defender of Catalonia‘s independence, just because I don’t feel too close of polytical things, I don’t want you to form an opinion of me that I’m a convinced pro-independent, I have a different point of view, but well I posted this just for you to learn a little bit more about my country, so we can have a deeper discussion next time!


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